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Raul Toledo - Director / Co-Producer

I was born in Mexico City and I have been creating little videos since I have memory, it just been recently that those videos are now archived on the internet forever. 

When I was 13 years old I moved to the United States with my dad for a better life. I didn't speak any English when I came here, so learning topics such as Math and Science was pretty difficult. Thankfully I had amazing people who helped me overcome this bumps. This helped me regain confidence in myself and continue making videos, the thing that I loved doing. Over time I found people who also love making videos and we created hours of content.  Eventually, I graduated High School with the Student Performance Award (an award given to two high school students who have overcome obstacles in attaining their present status) and a scholarship for Point Park University. I'm set to graduate on May 2019, 

During my attendance at Point Park, I have crafted many short films with a wide range of topics and genres together with the amazing students at Point Park. My most recent film "No Way In Hell" has been selected in film festivals around the states such as Hollyshorts and Houston Latino Film Festival. 


Tyler AM - Co-Producer

Tyler was born in Parkersburg, WV. He's been producing films since the 7th grade and has had his work shown locally in film venues.

As a High School student, Tyler produced much web content to showcase his abilities in independent and experimental filmmaking. He is known for creating strange yet enduring content around his community, transforming him almost into a small town celebrity. His love for cinema led him to study Cinema Arts with a concentration in Producing; he is set to graduate in May 2019. 

During his stay at Point Park University, Tyler created lots of entertaining films, scripts, and produced for other students. His latest short screenplay was picked up to be made into a surreal short film named 'Luna'. He has produced the majority of my films during our time at Point Park. Our latest highlight is "No Way In Hell" which has been selected in film festivals around the states such as Hollyshorts and the Houston Latino Film Festival. 


Gino Caputo - Writer

Gino is local to Pittsburgh Pennsylvania, and he has always been writing fiction one way or another.

As a teenager, Gino created a lot of funny short videos starring him with his friends. He slowly gained the reputation of being 'a very funny person' within his community. He was able to find the humor and heart on surreal topics.

He decided to attend Point Park University to study screenwriting as he always loved to come up with unique entertaining stories. His work has been featured at Point Park multiple times. His screenplay 'For Heaven's Sake Stay In Hell' won the annual Point Park script competition beating 40 other scripts. Also, that script was the basis for our biggest collaboration up to date 'No Way In Hell'. With his help, we were able to craft an amazing piece that would go on to screen at multiple film festivals. 

His last script as a Point Park student 'Bananabalism' was a semi-finalist on a national screenwriting competition!


Keith Tucker - Editor

Keith was born in Erie, Pennsylvania and his enthusiasm for filmmaking began at a very early age. 

Growing up Keith developed a love for cinema after watching the original 'star wars' trilogy. He was impressed by the technical scale of the productions. Soon after, he began making his own videos while in High School, employing a lot of visual effects. He self-taught himself many software to accomplish his visions. During this time, he also developed his music-making skills to a professional level. 

Once at Point Park University, he tried his hand at many aspects of filmmaking but he found his place in the editing room. He has edited not only his own movies, but a lot of other peers have trusted Keith with editing their films and making original soundtracks. 

Our latest production working together 'No Way In Hell' has led him to be hired to edit multiple projects as the film has been showcased in many festivals around the states. He is set to graduate May 2019!


Caleb Fischer - Cinematographer

Caleb Fischer was born in the outskirts of Pittsburgh Pennsylvania and has been involved with creative expression since a very young age

While in high school, Caleb educated himself in many aspects of filmmaking but has decided to now focus on crafting his skill as a cinematographer. 

This film will be our 6th collaboration at Point Park University. His works have been shown at numerous film festivals around the Pittsburgh Area. Our latest big production was "No Way In Hell" in 2017. 

Caleb has always expressed to me his gratitude for the talented crew that's has given him the opportunity to work in such a friendly and creative environment, for the dedication of his family, and for the love and support of his girlfriend, Elena.


Susannah Enslow - Sound Designer

Susannah was born in Cortland New York, and has been all over the states! 

Since very little Susannah has been drawn to stories and storytelling above everything else. She has used her studies to become the best storyteller she can be not only in production but also in post-production. She has created a mixed variety of media from short films to animation!

At Point Park, she initially thought she might be a cinematographer, but over time she found that the place that she calls home is sound design and editing. It would be hard to find someone else who is as passionate for sound that Susannah. I have seen her work on films I have been part of and she has impressed me every time. Her careful and meticulous approach to sound design is like no other, There are only a few people who would be as caring with the quality of sound as she is. That is why I asked her to be part of the film!

On her off time, you can find Susannah reading or snuggling any cat she can get her hands on.

Kelly Tran - Production Desginer

Kelly was born and raised in Pittsburgh by her loving Vietnamese family. 

At a very young age, Kelly began developing a deep love for singing and creating music. She dedicated hours upon hours to learn this skill. Movies were also a big part of Kelly's early life, but it wouldn't be until High School that she began making serious films. She quickly began gaining the respect of her peers around her school and community as a talented filmmaker. Her high school film 'You Will Love Again' won both Steeltown’s Take a Shot and the Carnegie Mellon International Film Festival. This led her to earn a scholarship at Point Park University. 

Once at Point Park she continued to create powerful and meaningful films. She collaborates with as many people as she can to make the best films possible which has led to her college films being shown at film festivals around the states. She is currently working to direct her latest film "American Love" in the Fall and she is set to graduate in May 2020!

Her hard work and deep understanding of cinema is the reason why I asked her to be part of the crew. I know she will pour her heart and soul to make sure the production is up to par to big budget films. 


Brianna 'B' Craven - Art Director

B,  is from South Hadley, Massachusetts and she has created stuff as long as she can remember! 

When she was little, B began a journal filled with film ideas that one day she would make a reality. After graduating high school she was in dire need to escape the boredom of summer and she began to bring some of those ideas to life on her personal youtube channel.

After a couple years at community college, B decided that it was time for her to show her creativity to the world and decided to join Point Park University. 

There she has created multiple films that showcase her unique and stylized filmmaking skills. Her hard work shows on every frame, and she is always willing to work harder. She is set to graduate on May 2021. 

Her work ethic on film sets we've been on together is the reason why I asked her to be part of this project, as I know she will work in collaboration with Kelly to create the best possible film.