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The Impact


The Impact


As an immigrant myself, I believe that the human element is in dire need of a vital component that has been lacking in the past few years: compassion. So we have crafted a story that blurs the sides at the Mexican-American border.

Our film will address differing views.  One view will be that those crossing the border have malicious intentions and need to be stopped by the persistent border agents, and one view will be that those crossing the border are in desperate search for a better life and don’t deserve the treatment they get from border agents.

In truth, the issue isn’t so clear and there are a lot of grays in the matter.  Yes, there are some people who shouldn’t enter the country, as there are border patrol agents who are unnecessarily vicious to innocent immigrants.  We also believe there are well-intentioned border patrol agents and well-intentioned immigrants.

I feel fortunate to have a specific point of view of the situation in our current political climate. It goes without saying that I have seen and experienced a lot of hatred towards my people and heritage. Thanks to a small number of people, my culture has been generalized based off of the actions of a few.

My perspective is this: even though the effects of this hatred are widespread and easy to see, it is not very common - and many people who are opposed to prejudice will simply assume that anybody with different political opinions from them is an extremist, even if they are not. Though these mean well, I believe jumping to conclusions only makes things worse. I want people to stop prejudice in a compassionate and proactive way instead of making generalizations themselves.