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The Story



"Corazon de Cerca" tells the story of an American Border Patrol Officer with Hispanic roots who must decide where his loyalty lies as he navigates the New Mexican desert.


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Our story begins with Dante...

A newly inducted border patrol agent, he is the son of immigrants that crossed the desert to get into the states. We see him patrolling the beautiful landscape of New Mexico a few kilometers passed the US border.


That Morning,

Dante comes across an abandoned van carrying illegal immigrants. He attends to the dehydrated aliens, but he’s ambushed and gets stabbed as the immigrants escape.

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Dante is forced to face the elements, losing blood by the second, as he now faces the realities that illegal immigrants have faced before him.

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A family of immigrants finds Dante, at the brink death. In a twist of fate, Dante is cared for by the very entities he is employed to incriminate.